Tennis Court Construction

Every Tennis Court site is unique. Deuce Tennis Court Constructions will, when required, utilise the skills of engineers and architects for you to achieve your desired outcome.

The base

A crucial factor in tennis court construction is the earthworks. Soil tests will be required to check how reactive your soil is. Tennis courts must have approximately 1% fall, so knowing the soil conditions is a must to obtain correct drainage. Therefore, the utilisation of excavators, drotts and dual grade lasers are required to obtain correct levels and falls.

Once the subbase is prepared, the next step is to lay out either sand, crusher dust or road base. This will be laser levelled and compacted to form the base of the court. The main bases which will be put on the sub- base are Concrete, Asphalt or Roadbase.

The surface

A special blend of concrete is needed for surfaces to adhere to, whether it is an acrylic paint or synthetic grass. The concrete base will have all necessary steel reinforcing and accessories incorporated to form a solid base which will give your court excellent longevity.

Asphalt will be laid by our group of professional asphalter’s. With asphalt it is critical that the subbase is perfect as it can be damaged easier than concrete, by ground movement, bad drainage and trees.

The next step is the fencing which will be completed while the concrete or asphalt is curing. Deuce Tennis Court Constructions can offer a wide range of options for your fence, just ask us what type of fencing would best suit you and your needs.


Lighting and light poles are generally incorporated into the fence and fence line for a more attractive look.

At Deuce Tennis Court Constructions, we will provide you with all relevant documents and information to make sure your court is a successful and positive project for you to enjoy for many years to come.


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